Wednesday, January 10, 2007

That forgotten space program ...

Having browsed trough many Gemini documents lately (in search of some background information on the computer used during the early days of the manned space program), I came to pick a certain interest for that not very well know program ... totally out shinned by it's offspring, the Apollo program. Anyway, that is quite an interesting space program (first US EVA, first docking in space) with a rather cutesy spacecraft (sort of look like a dog head I think, not that I'm a big fan of dog ...) ... Check out the thread I started on's forum if you are looking for High-res pictures of Gemini, there's a couple of web site that have some. BTW, if you happen to visit the Neil Armstrong Museum anytime soon, be sure to check out their Gemini Docking Simulator ... it looks rather good!

Work on our implementation of the Analog/Digital computer/logic system is progressing nicely (but slowly), the following image shows a test program running:

Now, I have to admit that I was a bit inspired by Apollo's DSKY ... but, as this is still our engineering panel(s), I hope the Soyuz lovers will forgive us this sacrilege :-)

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