Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Deja vu

Well, with the undocking of STS-116 from the ISS scheduled for today and a return on the ground planned to Thursday (or Friday) ... the fun is about to end not only for the crew, but also for us the space geeks. I'll be missing my daily fixes of live view from orbit :-( Sure, there'll still be the ISS ... but its coverage is most of the time rather boring (IMHO) :-\ Hey, didn't I said the same thing during the previous Shuttle missions? Possible ... I've got a certain feeling of deja vu while writing this.

By the time I got home yesterday night, I had decided not to follow-up on my EVA envy. Knowing myself this small diversion will have ended-up been another multi-months efforts, so it was much smarter to avoid going down that road ... for now. Instead the main focus should be finishing up what I've got on my plate currently ... so that we can finally move out of the swamp.

The image I used to illustrate this page was stitched together by Avron (one of the many space geeks lurking on NasaSpaceflight.com forums) from NASA TV. It sure is a cool picture :-)

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Blogger Kosmonavtka said...

STS-116 photos of the ISS are up - doesn't it look lopsided!

12:22 PM  
Blogger DarthVader said...

hehe yes, it does look funny now

2:30 PM  

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