Monday, December 11, 2006

Roll program!

Oh boy! That night launch! I can still recall my heart pounding from the very last seconds of the countdown to the ET separation. That was something! :-) I have been enjoying all the high quality videos posted on the L2 forum and oh my ... ! My wife wasn't that impress by me looking at all that geek p0rn Sunday morning ... oh well :-)

I forgot to mention the other days, that there's a very handy site hosted by KSC which offers screencaps of various video cameras located on the site (including NASA TV). Good place to grab pictures from, such as:

Docking to the ISS is scheduled for 2:06pm (Pacific time).



Blogger Kodiak said...

That night launch was awesome. Looks like NASA is getting back into the routine of manned spaceflight again

3:30 PM  
Blogger DarthVader said...

Yep ... :-) The docking at dawn was quiet spectacular as well :-)

3:58 PM  

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