Monday, December 18, 2006

Spacewalk envy

With all the EVA action on-going right now, it's no doubt that I suddenly feel the urge to do some in Orbiter. In fact that's could be a good supplement to my testing of the contact detection and handling I have been working on lately :-) Back in July of this year (following another ISS EVA) I was already mumbling some about the kind of EVA we wanted to be able to perform in our Soyuz addon. However, as we don't have yet the required meshes to simulate the Yastreb suit used for the EVA between Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5, we will have to temporary borrow an EVA mesh from another addon. Now, I'm weighting the pro and cons of doing it. It looks like my partner in crime (castorp) isn't sure that we need yet another distraction at this point. He might be right ... even if this is yet another engineering test, it still involve a fair amount of work to get going ...

STS-116 imagery gallery just got updated with 3 magnificents pictures of the Soyuz TMA and Progress spacecraft docked to the station, check them out!

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