Friday, December 22, 2006

Old school Orbitering

Back in the old days, we didn't have any fancy space simulator such as Orbiter ... All we had, us kids, to play with, were old fashion tangible toys such as LEGO (one of my favorites) and scale models. I use to love assembling 1/72th models of planes and fly them around my bedroom. Of course, as I was NOT very good at finishing them (paint and decal jobs), so they sure didn't look too good ... but boys what is fun! :-) In many way, my recent adulthood hobby (obsession if you listen to my wife) of creating an addon for Orbiter, is somewhat similar to modelism ... well, maybe more like a cross between amateur rocketry and modelism ... as there's the added realism dimension to it (simulating complex systems and real world physic). Anyhow ... I'm bringing up that subject so that I can post a couple of links to some really cool LOW-FI modeling, involving some paper, scissor and glue ... such as the Energya + Buran stack. Check out the following page for all the models that can be downloaded. I'd love to build the Soyuz 11A511 launch vehicle, if I could find it somewhere ...

Well, as this is likely my last post before Newtonmas, I'll take this opportunity to send you my Season Greetings, Cheers!



Blogger Igor said...

Here is more informations about the Buran-Energia project:

12:29 PM  
Blogger FlyingSinger... said...

I was also obsessed with building airplane models (and some spacecraft and modern ships too) when I was a kid, and I have also thought about the connection between Orbiter and that earlier 3D obsession. I don't have the patience to build or the space to display plastic models now, and I've done little actual Orbiter modeling myself (I helped with a couple of projects), but the coolest part of Orbiter models (whether you build or just play with them) is that you can "get in them" and fly them and stuff. And they can be quite detailed (especially yours, it seems!).

Bon(ne?) Newtonmas a vous et votre famille!


10:18 AM  
Blogger Kosmonavtka said...

I used to build plastic model kits too! Mainly when I was a teenager (fighter jets and a submarine) and I did some a few years ago (like the Mir space station) but I stopped as I have nowhere to put them!

12:03 PM  
Blogger Georgi said...

"no school like the old school"

1:20 AM  

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