Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Space geek haven!

During the last EVA performed by the ISS crew, Mikhail Tyurin snapped a picture of the Progress' antenna that failed to retract prior to the docking of that automatic cargo vessel. It took over two weeks before that picture was finally available for the space geeks (first on L2 and now on the Expedition 14 images gallery) ... Check this out:

Sexy isn't it? :-) On the left side (dark grey) is the Orbital module of the Progress. The gold colored part is the aft port of the Zvezda Service Module. It's clearly visible that the antenna which extend from the Progress is resting under some kind of hand rail (visible on the far right of the image), thus could cause some issues during undocking.

The same spacecraft was used yesterday to give the ISS a reboost. A video shot from inside the station during the firing of the Progress' engine is available on Space Multimedia. It's neat to see a free floating baseball ball moving along the station during the burn :-) With the launch of STS-116 coming up (about 2 days away), there's going to be even more goodies out for us, space geeks, to get our hands on :-)


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