Thursday, January 26, 2006

Red Moon #2

Last night, I integrated the brand new (and good looking) first stage (Block A) of the N1 rocket done by Urwumpe (the F variant of the N1) with McDope 's older meshes for yet another engineering flight. Well, when I said flight I don't really mean flight as I still haven't put any attitude controls nor automatic guidance system in it. Anyway ... I thought I'll share a few screenies of last night successful liftoff and staging. Please keep in mind that this is very much WIP (Work In Progress):
Some of the differences between McDope and Urwumpe meshes includes the presence of the 4 stabilizers and the more correct positions of the engines' nozzles.
The launch pad used here was build by Mcdope and it's part of his Baikonur add-on. I believe Urwumpe have in mind to build a new one for the N1.
Liftoff! With all 30 NK-33 engines running at 75%, the N1 carrying the L3 complex starts to rise in a cold morning of October (simulation time).
Without any guidance and/or controls, the law of gravity steers the rocket as it climb in the high part of the atmosphere.
Upon cut off of the first stage, I manualy separate from it then ignite the second stage (Block B) which use 8 NK-43 engines.
While the rest of the N1-L3 continue climbing, the discarded stage continue on its now ill-fated trajectory ...

I put all these pictures (and a few more) in a set, where they can be seen in a more eye-friendly size :) Many thanks to Urwumpe for his contribution to this on-going project of mine. I'm really looking forward to +12 other meshes needed ;-)


Blogger FlyingSinger said...

It's really looking good, keep up the good work in re-writing history!


11:34 AM  
Blogger DarthVader said...

Thanks Bruce. Will do our best :)

11:51 AM  
Blogger DarthVader said...

meant to said "will TRY our best" ...

11:55 AM  

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