Saturday, December 24, 2005

To all of you on the good Earth ...

Well ... here come another anniversary, this time it have been 37 years since the famous Christmas Eve broadcast from lunar orbit by the crew of Apollo VIII. Santa's been in early for me as I stumbled on an interesting add-on for Orbiter that reproduce the russian lunar program ... I mean the way it should have been if the monstrous N-1 rocket didn't blow-up the 4 times it was launched ... I'm going to explore this add-on a bit more as it have the major advantage of being way simplier than NASSP (there is no panels and no simulation of the inner working of the spacecraft, so that's good for a newbie like me) and it's also an exciting part of the race to the Moon ... and man ... 30 engines on the first stage! Holly guacamole!

Anyway ... Happy holidays to all!


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