Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Red Moon

After having spend most of the x-mas break reading about the N1 moon rocket and trying out the already existing addon for Orbiter, I have decided to try to write my own N1-L3 addon. Initialy, my idea was to continue the good work that McDope and al. had done, but from the feedback I got on the forums, it looked like this wasn't a good idea as the author of the addon didn't want anyone taking over his project ... nevermind the fact that the project haven't been worked on for more than a year and that all the source code is included ... Anyway as I think that author's wishes should be respected, I have started working on a addon, built from scratch (using the very sparse data available on the web on the Soviet Moon Program). In fact this is much better as this allow me to learn even more things. The only problem is that I cannot do the 3D models ... so in order to get started I'll be using the one from the old addon, then , once I'm ready to release something, I'll switch to use someone else (with permission of course) meshs. Lukily, Urwumpe (one of the addon maker) has been working on some great looking one:

Nice eh? Can't wait to use them! Now, how does this new project fit with my already busy Orbiter/Space schedule? Well ... as my goal is to make an addon as detailed as NASSP (Bold and cocky? Yep ... ), there's going a lot of work to be done and lots of knowledge to be learned (guidance, spacecraft design, spacecraft design) ... nothing that really conflict with learning spaceflight :)


Blogger FlyingSinger said...

Sounds like you're on a slippery slope here -- before you know it you will be addicted to add-on development. But it sounds like a cool project and with software development skills, you can understand the source code and develop custom DLL's etc. as needed. It sounds really cool. I have some ambitions in this area (I used to be a programmer for my company, in 1980-81 - ever hear of FORTRAN?), but I have to be realistic -- there's just too much to do. I look forward to seeing (and flying) what you come up with though - bon chance!


7:48 AM  
Blogger DarthVader said...

Thanks Bruce. It's indeed a slippery path ... I hope to achieve something (finaly!) ...

I did a bit of FORTAN myself some years ago .. in another life ... not my favorite programming language I got to said.

11:14 AM  
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