Friday, January 06, 2006

The Chronicles of Insomnia

If are having a transient insomnia, like I have experienced over the past 3 nights, you may have some extra time to check out Science@NASA, where they have started, a few days ago, a serie called "Apollo Chronicles". The first article (also available as a Podcast) explores the astronauts experience of shadows on the Moon. If after that you still can't sleep ... well then you may want considere checking out this 313 pages long thesis by Alfred Hogan of the University of Maryland, on the CBS News Space coverage from 1957 to 2003.

On the Orbiter's addon creation front, I have been busy working on it (up to obscessing about it, so that explain the insomnia) and things are looking good. Altought I can't said that I progressed much as all I have is still the N1F rocket sitting on the launch pad ... but now, I can start fueling its 3 stages and see its center of mass change as all 3 tanks fills ... So yeah lots of work has been going under the hood ... and more to come. As I'm also building a SDK (with which this N1 addon is built), I have been trying to come-up with an interesting name for it ... so far without much luck. If you can think of anything that'll includes (some or all) the following keywords, let me know:
  • Vessel
  • Simulation
  • Common
  • Building Blocks
  • Orbiter
  • SDK


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