Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Destination Moon!

I was browsing trought my local Chapters store 2 days ago, when I stumbled onto Destination Moon: The Apollo Missions in the Astronauts' Own Words by Rod Pyle in a bargain bin! What a (cheap $12.49) good surprise! The concept of the book is nothing really novel nor fancy. It cover all the Apollo missions (well duh!) with a brief summary for each, a short bio of the crew members and some pictures accompagned with extract from the flight transcripts. Needless the said, the book is printed on glossy paper, so the pictures looks real good. Now, I have to admit that I haven't have time to look into this book more than just flipping quickly trought it, so I can't really said if it's a must have. One things that I'm wondering ... does the pictures match with the presented transcripts? I'll have to check.

Speaking of book, this week Space Review sports a review of Jack Schmitt's book Return to the Moon. I got to said that whiles I'm definitly a space exploration enthusiast (and love to see men walking on the Moon again!) deuterium/helium-3 fusion fail to get me excited ... a shame I guess.


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