Monday, January 02, 2006

New year resolutions

Aaaah ... the first days of a brand new year! The perfect time for finishing up this pesky resolutions list which years after years keep growing and growing ... :-| Well this year I'm adding some new ones to my list: The Soviet Lunar Manned Program add-on for Orbiter and also an SDK ... yep ... I know ... yet another one! ... I was thinking that having a SDK will allow me to re-use lots of the code accross add-ons (yes I may do more than one ... we'll see) and also make it easier (at least for me) to create addon. I have only be working on it for a few days so for now there isn't much to see ... aside from the N1 rocket sitting inert on its launch pad:

Happy new year to all, by the way ... :)


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