Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hi there! Yep, I'm still around ... been quite busy since my last post working on our [CENSURED] project. So far this project have been very much in the original spirit of this blog, which was "... learning Astronomy, spaceflight mechanics and spacecraft systems ..." as I have been burying myself deep in spacecraft systems (such as Electrical power system, Life support system and Thermal control system so far). At the same time, thanks to terrific contributions from Kyra, we have been discovering a lot of facts and data on [CENSURED]. It really was an "interesting" spacecraft. Anyhow, things are moving forward on a daily basis ... some will said at our usual (OctoberSky style) slow pace ;-) I'd like to said that we're "on schedule", but as I have no idea whatsoever of how much behind (0r ahead) we are ...

In other news .. well, not much happening really ... there's another Shuttle mission coming up in March .. which I will follow as usual, look for some more boring posts here :P



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