Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bumping into things ...

It still is a long way to go, but we finally starting to be getting somewhere on the Orbiter's addon front. I spent most of the week-end synchronizing all our Soyuz fleet (7K-OK, 7K-OKS and 7K-T) as well as building from scratch (well, not totaly as I did reuse some parts from the Soyuz addons) a new DLL for the Salyut 1 space station, for which I had been sitting on the latest meshes from Castorp for ... ahem ... a few weeks (let's said 9_9). The following screenshot shows Soyuz 10 docked to the station in one of our test scenario:

Now, aside from having some empty panels and all it's windows, the Salyut add-on is pretty much useless ... Well, it does have a docking port so it can at least be used for docking practice as well as for rendezvous ;-) I'll be starting to add things to it (like thrusters and some controls) over the next few weeks (months).

The collision detection (and handling) that I was talking about few posts ago is also coming along (nicely?), altought there's still a long way to go before that is completed. In the following screenshot you can see the axis-aligned bounding box of a possible contact between the two vessels:
The purple balls marks the position of the 8 corners of the contact bounding box for the Soyuz on the left (7K-OK female), while the 8 yellow balls indicates the position of the contact bounding box for the Soyuz on the right (7K-OK male). The red and blue balls mark the position of the vessels AAB (axis aligned bounding box) for the left vessel and right vessel, respectively.


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