Monday, April 10, 2006

Есть Посадка!

Well yeah ... I did spent most of Saturday watching NASA TV for the eventless return from the ISS of expedition 12. To be honest, I won't said that it was a great show ... I know it's not suppose to be a show, but as a space goer I couldn't help but been bummed by the lack of more proper coverage. Having some video feed from inside the SA during the major phase of the return (un-docking, de-orbit burn, separation) will be pretty nice. While I'm dreaming, a later playback of on-board video during the re-entry will be pretty neat .... Speaking of re-entry, Italian cosmonaut Roberto Vittori tooks some very nice pictures out of the windows during his return to earth back in April 2005:

I found these pictures on a web site dedicated to his mission to the ISS ... to bad I can't seems to found a link to it anymore :(

Once again, there is an interesting article by James Oberg over at The Space Review on a communication glitch that occured prior to the orbit insertion of Soyuz TMA-8, back at the end of March.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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