Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Static Fire!

Well yeah ... a bit too busy in the real life to blog much ... but things are continuing to shape-up ... slowly that is. Lately, I have been switching back to working on the Soyuz Launch Vehicle, whiles castorp is reworking his excellent meshes.

As you can see, for now I'm just doing some static fires of the core stage of the rocket, which use a RD-108 engine (4 combustion chamber-nozzles + 4 vernier thrusters). Keep in mind that this is still WIP (work-in-progress), so yeah the exhaust is likely to look better, and so will the mesh, as Urwumpe is also re-working it :-)

If you have some experience in creating add-ons for Orbiter, you're probably wondering why it is taking me so long to get that contraption off the (damn) pad, 'cause it's really not that complicate, right? Well yeah .. what can I said? ... Evil is in the detail :P

BTW on the 29th of this month, Soyuz TMA-8 (the real thing) will be launched from Baikonur. Thanks to Energia.ru, there is some good photographic material available (altought in a small res.) on their web site (News section). NASA TV will covers the launch live starting at 8:45pm (eastern time, 5:45pm PST).


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