Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is really my friend?

I mean ... it's a pretty handy way of finding hard to come by books ... but is that web site really my friend? All it does it get me in trouble with "the-one-that-said-we-got-enough-books-around", everytime I order something... which isn't quiet that often, but yet often enough (at least that's what I'm been told). Could I have become an amazone-junkie without even knowing? To my defence, is THE place to look for books on any topcis outside of the mainstream subjects ... so when I'm in need of reference materials and that I can't find what I need on the Internet .. well I can't really help ...

I know, it may sounds a bit fishy ... how come I can't find what I need on Internet? Especially for anything geeky such as spacecrafts and rockets. Surely other geeks like myself will have published on the web their own researchs or at least some good pointers to where more infos can be found. Sadly, this is mostly true when dealing with western spacecrafts and launchers. Searching for some information on a Soviet counterpart (even if they are still in use today) can be a very frustrating experience ... some said it's a modern Quest for the Holy Grail ...

To be fair, there is some data out there. For example, searching for pictures, schematics and information of the Buran Shuttle is relatively easy. Most (if not all) of what you will find can be snatched from the company that designed (and built) it. Now, if you are looking for more serious details on Soyuz ... well it's like the Perestroika never happened. Thus you gotta head for a good bookstore and try to find any books whom authors have had access to more than what's on the web. Luckily for me, Rex Hall have authored two books on the suject that I currently fancy:
Needless to said, I ordered both on the spot ... however, I'm been told that I won't receive them before the end of April ... hmm .. oh well, better late than never eh?


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