Thursday, February 09, 2006

I love the smell of Moondust in the morning

I noticed today (yeah I have been busy lately) that there is a new episode of the NASA's Apollo Chronicles up since the end of January. So far the whole serie has been quiet interesting, each episode looking into subjects not often (if at all) covered in the more serious (I was going to said adults oriented) articles, such as the mysterious smell of Moondust described by many moonwalkers as similar to spent gunpowder. Having fired a couple of rounds (with an old circa 1950 rifle) while I served in my country's Navy, I can tell ya that moondust stinks ... I can't stand the smell of sulfur :-( Oh well, I guess I won't make it in the next moon mission crew ;-)

I have recently switched my Orbiter focus from the N1 rocket to the Soyuz Launch Vehicle, in order to have a wider test base for my SDK. This isn't totaly unrelated to the Soviet Moon program, as the Lunar lander (LK) was tested 3 times in LEO (Cosmos 379, 398 and 434) in the early 70s after been launched from Baikonur with a 11A511L launcher. The following screenie show a 11A511 launcher sitting on its pad, with a Soyuz 7K-T as payload:
All the meshes that I'm using are used with authorization from their respective authors (Urwumpe for the Soyuz launcher, Castorp for the Soyuz 7K-T and Zardoz for the launch pad), and all 3 looks pretty good. I have to add support for animations, so that the launch pad can open and that the 7K-T can fold it's various antennas so that it can fit in the Soyuz shroud...


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