Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well I've got to said that the whole month of May have been rather peculiar ... Since I returned for my trip, I have been suffered from chronic exhaustion both physical and mental and got sick at least 3 times and things I use to enjoy like working on my Orbiter's addon, space related subjects and blogging have totally failed to interest me :-( It seems as I have been plagued with some kind of depression, the symptoms seems to all be there ... Not sure what triggered it :-\

Anyhow ... the image above was taken recently by the ISS crew this month.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Archives gones wild! #5

The problem with going away on vacation is that it does somehow disconnect you from your usual geek routine ... like for example checking for update on the Project Apollo Archive ... which got updated only 5 days after I left ... (20-something new or improved scans of Apollo 11). Truth be told, the past two weeks disconnected me a good deal ... I, as usual, carried around 2 space related books with me, but only got the chance to read 1.5 pages from one ... definitely not a very productive vacation I'll admit :P

Anyhow ... now that I'm back and mostly recovered from the jet lag, work on the Orbiter's addon should resume soon.

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