Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Deep space monster(s)!

Nope, it's not some kind of deep sea/space monster, but juste some testing of a couple of new functions from the Orbiter 2006 API (yep it's out since last week!) which allow the modification of a mesh material and texture pretty much on-the-fly. Here we were just testing that tweaking the material was indeed working, ehence that wacko red glow ... but that's kind of a perfect effect for the super heated heatshield during (and post) reentry, I'll said ;-)

That new version of Orbiter introduce some nice things, like the glass cockpit (very useful right now as we don't have any cockpit in the Soyuz), but also a few bugs ... such as the animation one. Let's hope all the small issues will be ironed out in a up-coming patch.

Here's two more screenies:


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