Tuesday, June 05, 2007


One thing I read last week, while browsing on some depression sites, was that you shouldn't expect to "snap out if it". In fact most sites seems to agree that the road to recovery is a long (5 months?) and painful one ... This lead me to think that maybe, after all, I wasn't victim of a depression but just sad and under the weather ... Hmm maybe, maybe not ... who knows really? I guess a shrink could tell me ... but I don't think I'd like to waste the outrageous amount of money their services cost ... 9_9

Anyhow, I'm back in the saddle, coding away once again on our [Censured] project. BTW, partner in crime Castorp, have posted 2 videos on YouTube showing a part of our OctoberSky addon (that Soyuz addon of ours to be released in 2012):


Please keep in mind that this is still "work in progress" ... so yeah, It's far from perfect :P

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