Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No one will hear you blog in space ...

... that is if you are indeed blogging ... Which doesn't seems to be the case of Charles Simonyi as his first and only blog entry (at the time of this blog) from the ISS was made on April 14th (a rather interesting post btw, worth reading). So I have been wondering a bit what's Charles up to ... He seems to have been maintaining a much lower profile than Anousheh Ansari while in orbit. Anyhow, likely with the return of Expedition 14 in 2 days he will update his blog once he's back? I sure hope so, I'd love to read his comments on the flight and reentry.

Speaking of blog update, I'll be away (visiting my folks) for the next two weeks, so it is highly probable that I won't be posting until I return ... Not a big loss some will said ;-)



Blogger FlyingSinger... said...

Of course it's a big loss! But bon voyage!


10:49 AM  

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