Monday, April 09, 2007

TMA-10 #3

Somehow when I woke-up Saturday morning, I was planning on making a day of that Soyuz launch ... but in reality the coverage on NASA TV is pretty slim .... it start one hour or so before the launch and stop few minute after the orbit insertion .... nothing anywhere close to what's provided for a Shuttle launch ... Which isn't really a surprise for a veteran of armchair rocket launches like myself ;-)

The liftoff and ride went smoothly as usual, except for a longer than usual first motion. I'm no specialist, but it appeared to me (and also to other folks from the IRC channel #space) that the rocket took longer than usual to lift from the pad ... As there's no mention of any possible issue on the official sites, maybe it was normal? Who knows .... In any case, if you have missed the launch, a video of it is available from Space-multimedia.

Docking is happening in a couple of hours, I'll be following it (of course).



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