Tuesday, October 17, 2006

über coolness!

Orbinaut Reverend have setup a live page of his Orbiter Shuttle mission. The page sporting a screenshot of the simulation is updated frequently (every minute or less) ... and was showing earlier Atlantis closing in on the ISS then docking with it ... this is so cool! Once this is adopted by many other Orbiter users this is gonna make things quiet interesting ... maybe I'll setup such a feed when testing our addon :-)

Speaking of which, work is continuing at the usual (read slow) pace, the collision detection have turned out to be quiet more involving that it looked at first (surprise 9_9) ... there's a fair amount of work which needed to be completed in order to support the collision detection, mainly the sub-division of each meshes into parts (and each parts into pieces), so that we can easily find out which pieces is in contact with what (e.g: docking probe and docking female cone). At the same time, I'm adding to our engineering addons (Soyuz 7K-OK, 7K-OKS and 7K-T) support for dynamic bounding boxes as visible in the following screenies (the 4 red balls marks the position of the corners of the vessel bounding box):

If you enjoy this blog (No way! Seriously?) you ought to check out Kodiaks Space Contraptions which lately have been working on some cool looking Soviet area space probes. Looking pretty good aren't they?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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