Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Стыковка! #2

Once again, I was glued to NASA TV last night, watching the docking of Soyuz TMA-9 to the ISS :-) As usual if you missed it, you can get a video of the event from Space-Multimedia. The amount of chatter on the audio loop during the docking is making me wonder how much data are the guys on the ground getting from telemetry ... I mean, the Shuttle's docking in comparison is done in an (almost religious) quasi complete silence. It could also be that (AFAIK) the Shuttle dock manually, while Soyuz docking is automatic. So the commander of the Shuttle need to concentrate on its flying instead of just monitoring the status of the various system and progress of the automated docking system ...

Altought Anousheh Ansari haven't started blogging from the ISS yet, she sent an email (from Space) today. I hope she'll post all the pictures she took during her flight to the station (and also any pictures from the station) :-)


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