Monday, September 25, 2006

Tulipa kolpakowskiana? #6

Over the course of the week-end, and thanks to the contribution of Anik, Danderman and Jim (from the NasaSpaceflight L2 forum), we have gained a better knowledge of the Soyuz modules separation. Here are the facts:
  • On the original Soyuz (OK, OKS), the BO and PAO were jettisoned at the same time.
  • On Soyuz T and TM, the BO was jettisoned before the deorbit burn (in order to save propellant) until TM-5. Since then the jettison is done simultaneously (like it was before).
  • The thermal blankets are peeled away at the time of the separation (likely torn away by the PAO and BO pulling them in opposite directions, like the image from my previous post shows).
The question now is to decide how best to render the peeling of the blankets. We could have them break in several pieces, which is likely more realistic, but that will put a bit more strain on the player computer .. without been all that important after all ... I guess some experimentation are necessary ...


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