Friday, September 22, 2006

Tulipa kolpakowskiana? #5

I finally brought a few of my Soyuz questions over to L2 in hope that any of the space aficionados lurking on these forums will have any insight(s) into the matter ... and to my surprise (I've got to admit), I got two different persons telling me that the thermal blankets (which if you recall were the subject of some posts few months ago) actually stay attached to the SA after the separation of the Orbital and Service modules .... darn ... so much for spending days obsessing about the timing and parameters of their separations' animation ... 9_9 Now, if this piece of information can be confirmed it will definitely simplify the PAO jettison sequence. I won't have to trash all the code I wrote for the animations as we'll be reusing it to simulate blanket failures such as the one that occurred on Soyuz TM-9.

The Wikipedia entry concerning this particular Soyuz flight have a rather interesting sentence:

"During reentry, the cosmonauts ejected both the orbital module and the service module simultaneously in an effort to minimize the chances that a blanket could snag. Normally the orbital module went first."

Hmm ... now, if I could figure out why they did that, it will be very helpful in verifying the information given to me by the two L2's subscribers ...


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