Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moving too fast ...

I came to realize while watching the video of the deployment of the solar array installed yesterday on the ISS, that I got the deployment timing of Soyuz own solar panels quiet wrong. I like to think that when I wrote that part, I simply didn't have the patience the wait several minutes for the whole panel to unfold ... and that didn't just disregard some basic law of spacecraft engineering ... Now the problem is to find the correct amount of time it is supposed to last.

Few weeks ago, I will have no doubt said that once I will have received Soyuz : A Universal Spacecraft, finding any obscure details on this spacecraft will be as simple as flipping through the pages of that book ... Obviously I was dreaming ... That book surely have some good stuff in it, but in no way can it be considered to be the definitive, know-it-all, Soyuz bible (c'mon the term Vzor isn't even in the Index!).

Anyway ... the pace of the addon's development have picked up steam again, we are churning out Developer Release (DR) like sausages ... still, don't expect a release in your lifetime .. err .. I meant anytime soon .. ;-)


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