Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday landing ...

I've got to said that the pilot point of view offered on Nasa TV during the last seconds of STS-121 return to KSC was pretty a pretty cool ... but what will be even cooler is to have the same viewpoint during re-entry ... That'll be wonderful! I have seen before similar video (shot from another viewpoint in the cabin) ... so I'm pretty convince that the particular camera recording this viewpoint was ON during the re-entry ... now, the question is will this be released to the public? ... A somewhat similar video (was facing the crew) for the ascent was released, so let's hope the same happen.

Anyway, now that the mission is over, this blog should resume its normal useless contents ... more rambling and mumbling about Soyuz and Orbiter ... at least until STS-115 get underway :D


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