Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday blogging ...

Well, STS-121 is coming tomorrow to an (successful) end with landing planned for the Kennedy Space Center in the early morning (6:07 PDT) ... The past 2 weeks have been pretty exciting and interesting ... I may have been a bit too obsessed (or so I have been told ...) ... but heck ... it was fun, and Shuttle flight don't happen that often anymore eh? Speaking of the Shuttle, one of the Orbiter's user have put some very nice photoshopped screenshots of STS-1 on the Orbiter's forum. Deadstick have been using David413's Shuttle Fleet and Gazza's STS Payload addon to simulate the first flight of Columbia. I took yesterday the same mission for a spin and it's really nice. The shuttle 3D model and skin (using the visual update by Preacher_mg) are amazing ... With level 10 Earth surface it is simply amazing!

I'm a bit mad at myself for not testing the Shuttle Fleet before ... I mean, I'm a huge fan of the Space Shuttle (Buran included) ... but I never took the time to use this wonderful add-on! Shame on me I guess.

Whiles I'm on the US space program, there have been yet another update on the Project Apollo Archive recently (Apollo 17 unabridged film magazines 133-135 and 137-147). I believe that most of these frequent updates only improve the quality of the images, but don't add never-seen before images (at least not always), nevertheless there's some amazing shots in it such as this one:

I wonders if we'll see a similar site once the Shuttle is retired : domain name is available ...


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