Friday, June 09, 2006

Archives gones wild! #4

If you head to The Project Apollo Archive web site, you will find yet another update. This time it's some new unabridged B&W pictures from Apollo 12 (2nd EVA). I finished two nights ago reading (at last!) Russia's Cosmonauts: Inside the Yuri Gagarin Training Center. I though the book was rather good in detailing the creation and function of Star City from the early space program to the ISS. Details on the training that cosmonauts since Gagarine's time are provided. The book also feature some pictures of the Soviet space program that I didn't see before and some details on the simulators used since Vostok. Bottom line, it's a good read for any space junky, altought it wasn't really totaly relevant to my current research focus (Soyuz!). Speaking of which, I'm still awaiting Soyuz: A Universal Spacecraft (same author) ... estimated to be delivered at the end of this month ... Castorp and I are hoping it will help answer many of the questions that have been haunting us since we started this project.

Another online resource that I have been using lately, is the JSC Oral History Project, which I think I already talked about in previous posts (too lazy to check right now). The interviews related to the Shuttle-Mir program features some interesting insights to Soyuz and to the Soviet Space Program (e.g Norman Thagard's interview).

Here's a screenshot of the Orbiter's add-on which feature the new 7K-T service module, recently improved by Castorp (follow-up on the previous post). It is shown here with all the antennas unfolding:

More can be found on the project forum.


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