Monday, June 26, 2006

Yet another boring launch?

Apparently, the Energia company must be thinking that Progress' launch are too boring to deserve a live (or not) Internet video broadcast (even their video archive is mostly free of Progress launch), so they only provide a couple of pictures of the launch ... which is better than nothing I guess. Altought, one could dream of having a coverage close to what is available during a Shuttle launch ... even a lowly RocketCam, mounted on the 3rd stage will no doubt make us, Soyuz lovers, very happy ... oh well ... At least we can simulate that in Orbiter (using the CVEL's Soyuz addon for now) ...

The docking of the unmanned spacecraft was this morning, hopefuly this time it was live on NASA TV ... and it was worth watching as there was some very nice pictures. If you've missed it, make sure you watch it, Space-Multimedia is providing a link to it.

Having finished RocketMan Saturday, I started reading the first volume of Challenge to Apollo last night. So far so good, but I'm only 10 or so into it ...


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