Monday, November 05, 2007

Help wanted, apply within.

We're looking to expand our "OctoberSky" team with the addition of a "Scientific Adviser". What this means is that we'd like to bring on-board someone with a strong scientific and technical background who has a general proficiency/competency in math, physics, and engineering, and who would be interested in putting his or her knowledge to good and fun use in our historically-oriented projects. Participation will include:

- Technical subjects support
- Algorithm R&D
- Alpha/Beta testing

OctoberSky is an ongoing and quite active project working on a series of addons (NASSP style) for Orbiter to represent early Soviet space technology with the greatest historical and technical accuracy we can attain to.

If interested, then please apply detailing your background and qualifications. While we certainly have lots of fun in this project, we are putting a lot of time and effort into it and so are really looking for a serious-minded individual willing to make what essentially will be a long-term commitment.



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