Monday, October 29, 2007

"Duke Nukem Forever" style?

Hello! Yep I'm still there ... but now, it's likely the readers (if there was any) that are gone ... :-) Anyhow, I'm back now. Well, in true it's not as if I had gone anywhere really, but I was sort of away from Orbiter and our dear project(s) for quite a bit of time, consumed by various mind eating hobbies, such as flying virtual planes and such ... Sadly catching-up with the (wasted?) lost months is going to be a bit difficult, but not impossible ... Well I guess we'll see.

Castorp was hinting the other day at the fact that what we have been working on was starting to look (smell/taste) like vapourware ... An harsh reality check which was very helpful in helping me to get back on track since I had no desire to go down in history as yet another "Duke Nukem Forever" ...


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