Friday, March 30, 2007

Replayed relocation

The Soyuz that the current ISS crew used to get to the ISS close to 6 months ago was relocated (by the same crew + Suni) yesterday. I, for once, missed the event live but hopefully the whole thing (I beleive) is available (47mb) from Space-Multimedia. These guys are really life-savers ;-) The video have some really nice shots, that's one 20 minutes investment you won't regret.

Now, I'm wondering if the crew took any pictures during the "flight" and if so, will they be posted on the usual expedition gallery? Hmm ... well in fact, to be honest I don't care too much for picture of the ISS ... I'll be more interested by pictures of the Soyuz ... but as the whole ISS' crew was on that Soyuz no one was taking pictures from the ISS ... oh well.

In case you missed it, Suzy has resumed her Russian space program blog. Be sure to check it out weekly (at least) for some good commentaries and links.



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