Friday, November 24, 2006


As you will see (or likely seen already), this new batch of screenshots are introducing a new comer in our vessel fleet: the Smeyorka derived Soyuz Launch Vehicle. There is at this time, 3 different versions of that particular launch vehicle. You've got Urwumpe's version, Mustard's version and now Castorp's version:

Now, some people may be critic of yet another version of the same launch vehicle ... But at the time we started working on it, the only one available was Urwumpe's low-res version (and at the time of this post, Mustard's version hasn't been released). This is going to sound quiet totalitarian, but we wanted to be in full control of the 3D models that compose it, so that the level of details could be in-sync with the rest of the addon, and that the meshs could be close knit with the coding. This doesn't mean that we believe that our version is going to be better than the 2 others. Mustard's work is very good, but our approach to mesh making is quiet different (evil is in the details as they said). Besides, we all have a life outside of the Orbiter's world which constraint the amount of time we can invest in it, thus relying on a 3rd party to deliver (and maintain) a critical component, is a risk we didn't want to take.

The Salyut 1 station have also received some of our attention lately (3D and code):

Anyhow, please keep in mind that all these are still a work-in-progress (I'll add that it is also a labor-of-love), thus likely to change (and likely to be filled with errors). You can see more screenies, if you wish, on a Flickr set I have setup.


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