Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Project management for (a) Dummy

Oh yeah I'm such a dummy when it come to project management! And I'm not talking here of the full scope of project management with cost and people management! So really, managing our project should really be easier than the real thing ... or so you will think. Alas I'm a bit challenged in that department so things have been a bit chaotic ... which party explain the numerous delays in our project. Since we know have increased the team size to 4 (Said hello to our newest recruit GncDude!), it is more than ever important that we get a bit more organized ...

Partner-in crime Castorp posted yesterday a little teaser on the Orbiter's forum, in response to someone asking for some hint on what we are working on these days. Let see if anybody reading this blog can correctly guess what this is:

Feel free to use the Comments system to post your guess :-)



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