Monday, March 10, 2008

Was it worth it?

Right after I closed Windows Media Player Saturday night, following over two hours of streaming, my wife asked me if it watching that launch had been worth missing a party ... I hesitated a moment, then replied that yes it have been worth it. Sure, those darn clounds had not allowed us to follow Ariane 5 in it's climb to orbit for more than a couple of second following launch (27s to be precise), but even with that, the coverage was interesting and overall it was exciting to watch it the launch of the first ATV. Also an Ariane 5 launch is a rather impressive event ... the SRB ignition is, I found, alway mighy impressive ... the shock wave from it is enough to knock the camera. Here's a YouTube video of the (most exciting part) of the launch, in case you missed it:

One thing I do miss, it's on-board cameras. I think I ahve talked about this in a previous blog, but I can help to wish they had some. A view of the ATV floating away from Ariane upper stage will have been pretty darn sweet ...



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