Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Armadillo Aeroscare

Not to remove anything from the accomplishment of the legendary John Carmack's team over at Armadillo Aerospace, but their planned suborbital vehicle (called "six pack") looks like it will be the experience of a lifetime for the extrem thrill-seeker daredevils out there ... Sure, the view will be terrific from the apogee, but only if you are brave enough to open your eyes! Check this out:

Ain't that something (more pictures on the latest update from Mr Carkmack)? 8-)



Blogger FlyingSinger said...

Wow, I would say the "pucker factor" for a flight in this thing would be pretty high. I prefer to fly in something a little more vehicle-like, even if it's small (like a Piper Cub). On the other hand, for people who sky-dive this might be great.


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