Thursday, November 08, 2007

STS-ified (once again)

Since I switched back to the space obsession a bit more than a week ago, I had been followed the STS-120 mission with increasing interest since he launched on October 23rd. My wife could easily attest that I'm once again a space addict, since I had NASA TV streaming on my computer non-stop in the evenings even thought there wasn't much happening, but I can't seems to get enough of this marvelous view of the Earth from LEO which are broadcasted LIVE during the missions! Anyhow, since the mission ended yesterday (yep, I watched the de-orbit and landing LIVE), I'll have to wait a few weeks before I can have some more of these views. BTW, I found these views (and associated audio background) very motivating when working on our addons!

Partner in crime, Kerameya, sent me the other day a link to another member of the Blogosphere I had not heard of yet, Captain David. That fellow is entertaining an effort quite similar to ours (but without the Orbiter's addons) but focusing mainly on Vladimir Chelomei work (OKB-52). Since our team is mostly focusing on Sergey Korolyov's creations (OKB-1), I guess that make him and us .. well, rivals ;-)



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