Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Adrenaline rush

Just like last summer, for STS-114, I was glued to my screen yesterday to watch the liftoff of STS-121 ... feeling a rush of adrenaline building-up as the countdown was running to its end and as Discovery was performing (flawlessly) its ascent to orbit. What a ride that must be, eh? In 10 minutes from ground level to +27,000 km/h ... As I was watching also Saturday and Sunday, I heard the NASA's commentator talking about an attraction to open soon at the Kennedy Space Center, which will allow common folks (hey that's me!) to experience the thrill of a Shuttle ride ... I couldn't see any link to that on the Visitor Center web site ... but anyway that kind of thing isn't for me ... with my chronic motion sickness, I'll likely barf all over the seats ... :-(

One way of following what's happening in the mission (while at work), is to poll the following image, which is from the NASA TV feed:

It is refreshed about once every minute (or so). Then if something really exciting is happening, you can (re)start a feed ;-)


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