Monday, May 29, 2006

Tulipa kolpakowskiana? #3

"bloody perfectionist" ... yep that's right ... That's how Castorp (my partner in crime) called me when I sent him some new screenshots of the thermal blankets jettison sequence ... Obviously he was jocking (or so I like to think ...), but in fact he's right ... I do tend to spend waaaay too much time on little and obscure details ... Really, do I need to spend over 6 hours just to get right a sequence that only last a few seconds? :-\ The worst part is that I'm still not done with it! Yeah ... there is still some details that I'm not satisfied with ... mainly the way the blankets fly away once separated from the service module (PAO) ....

Last Friday, I once again ordered more books from ... obviously they are Space related: Rocketman and Sputnik and the Soviet Space Challenge ... The second book is the first part of Asif Siddiqi's work, from which I already have the second volume ... but still haven't read it ... So yeah, I ordered it a bit too early in fact, but the idea was to grab it while they still had it ... if you look on Amazon site now, it said "Usually ships within 1 to 3 months" ... :-) Which is exactly what happend when I ordered the second volume few weeks ago ... I snatched the last one they had (at least in Canada) ... hehe :->


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