Friday, May 26, 2006

Tulipa kolpakowskiana? #2

Following my latest (twisted) idea on a variation of the 3rd theory (see last 2 previous posts), I modified the code so that the blankets only open upon separation of the SA module from the PAO. I have to admit that I haven't have time to scratch my head too much on how/when these darn blankets should open, but here's another idea ... What if there was some kind of mecanism embedded in the blanket that upon command retract (like a cable been pulled) enough so that the opening motion is initiated? That should do it, no? Hmm ... now, if I blend Urwumpe's theory with the one I currently have implemented, the blankets could separate from their attachment points (on the PAO) after reaching a certain rotation angle ... That actualy doesn't sounds too bad, and will definitly get the blankets away from the SA enough so that there isn't any risk of them striking it ...

In any case .. here's a few more screenies on the last iteration of the blankets jettison:


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