Friday, November 04, 2005

Slowpoking in LEO

Ahhh .... Low Earth Orbit (LEO) ! Isn't it that cool? Orbiting around with the S-IVB for companion! Sure, landing on the moon will be pretty cool ... I suppose ... but for now, as I'm diving deeper and deeper in the details (maybe too much?) of this simulator while learning more about astronomy and the Apollo's hardware, I'm kinda stuck in LEO ... but only within Orbiter, 'cause thanks to Tom Hanks, I will be walking on the Moon 3D this very week-end ... at my local IMAX theatre :-) Stay tuned for some feedback on that show ... I just hope I won't experience motion sickness ... I'm usually pretty sensitive to that .. :(


Blogger DarthVader said...

Good luck Space Cadet! I'm sure you'll love Orbiter.

3:53 PM  

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