Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Orbinautus curriculum

Here's a little follow-up on a previous post regarding the contents of this blog for the coming months (or years ...). You may want to keep in mind that I'm in no way a teacher (and for the record ... I was a very average student) so don't expect top quality contents here ... I'll do my best nevertheless :)

So, I'm thinking of splitting my orbinaut studies into the following 4 sections:

101. Astronomy
  • The sky
  • From the Earth to the moon
  • The Solar System
  • The Stars
  • The Universe
102. Spaceflight
  • Reaching orbit, "Basic" orbital mechanics
  • Attitude control and steering in space
  • Re-entry
  • "Advanced" Orbital mechanics
  • Rendez-vous
  • Orbit prediction/planning
  • Navigation
  • Reaching the moon (TLI)
  • Moon operations (LOI,TEI,...)
103. Apollo
  • Overview of the program
  • Saturn IB & V
  • CSM
  • LM
  • Surface operations
104. Orbiter
  • Scenario editing
  • Using the MFDs
  • How to ...
I'm still working out the details, so it's likely that I'm going to shuffle around the contents of each section (and/or add/remove stuff) in the following days, so stay tuned for a more complete curriculum


Blogger FlyingSinger said...

Impressive organization! It helps to have a plan. And it also helps to have some inspiration and background, so the Earth to the Moon DVD was time well spent! Man does not live by Orbiter alone (though my wife thinks *I* do).

So take your time, and carry on! I've been looking for other space related blogs to check out, and I've found a few, but frankly most are talking about levels of detail in the politics and funding that are important but not that much fun. To me, learning a new skill is fun, and I like seeing someone else's approach.

It was more critical since I was paying real money for the flight time and lessons, but when I was working on my pilot's license, I really enjoyed reading the (pre-blog) on-line journals of other student pilots. They often had the same worries and problems that I was having. Your blog reminds me of those, but for Orbiter.


6:53 PM  
Blogger DarthVader said...

Once again Bruce, thanks for your kind words. I agree with you that most space related blog talk mostly about space policy. I guess that's mostly all we can expect as so very few people ever flew in space ... I wish some of the astronauts had a blog to share their experiences .... hmmm, a blog from the ISS will be pretty nice ... I wonders if we should submit that idea to NASA.

7:58 AM  

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