Monday, October 24, 2005

From the earth to the moon

Last Saturday night I finished viewing the newly re-released DVD sets of "From the Earth to the Moon" ... I gotta said that it's an absolute must have for any Apollo fanatics out there! Each of the twelve episode covers a particular aspect of the Apollo program (in most case, one mission by episode) but focus on events happening in the background. If you were expecting to see 12 times Apollo 13, you'll definitely be disappointed :) The special effects are about the same level of quality than in the movie, altought in some episodes they could have been better (for example, the CSM&LM stack heading for the moon in the last episode). I wasn't really impressed by the special features shipped with the DVDs ... aside from a set of featurettes that covers the making of the series, there isn't much else.... Anyway, I think it is worth mentioning that Tom Hanks hired Dave Scott as technical advisor, a very wise decision which have vastly improved the fidelity of the serie.

If you have been following this blog since the very beginning (19 days ago) you are probably wondering "Where the heck is the math and physics!?? Stop the blahblah!" ... Well, fear no more! It is coming ... soon (tm) ... :-)

I have been reading my astronomy book for the past weeks and ,as you have seen, flew also a couple of times. Not a very impressive pace, I must agree, but I'm not in any particular rush so I hope you won't mind if I do take my time :-P

Before I wrap-up this post, let me mention the recently released IMAX movie "Magnificent Desolation : Walking on the moon 3D" once again Mr Hanks is behind this ... and it look pretty good .... I'll be seeing it in the very near future ... but I can already said that :

Tom Hanks is my master now


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