Tuesday, November 08, 2005


On my way home last evening, as the Moon was visible, I ran a little experiment to measure the linear diameter of the Moon and see if the illusion I have been talking in a previous post was real. Putting my hand around the moon at arms reach (probably less than 55cm aways from my eyes) I then enclosed the moon between my thumb and index Finger. You'll be not surprised that the distance between my two fingers was indeed around 0.5cm! Amazing eh? No? Well, yeah ... okay.


Blogger FlyingSinger said...

Maybe not that amazing, but it's cool that it all checks out - of course it SHOULD, it's pretty basic, getting the angular sizes right.

But the real Moon still sure does LOOK bigger up there. I was just looking again tonight, with binoculars too. I even blogged about it. Maybe I'm moonstruck too.


3:25 PM  
Blogger DarthVader said...

Maybe you are Bruce ;-)

3:48 PM  

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