Thursday, October 27, 2005

Karl Marx will have hated me ...

Oh Joy! Here come some more bureaucracy on this blog! :) I have been thinking about how each post should be marked when it is associated with a given class. The idea being that the post's title should carry some kind of standardized meaning in order to ease filtering and searching. Here's an example of what I may be using:

[103.3] CSM - DSKY #4

Which should be deciphered as been the 4th post (#4) related to the DSKY in the CSM part of the Apollo's class (103). Now that I think of it, I'm wondering if the .3 is really necessary ... unless each of the class' sections is numbered there won't be any need for it. Will I number each section? Also, if the section name appears in the title (CSM in this example) ... so yeah ... that's a bit of a bandwidth waste, let me fix that up:

[103] CSM - DSKY #4

Remember in school, when classes where interweaved on your weekly schedule? Well ... it's going to be about the same on this blog. In most case I have tried to lay each class sections in order (from basic to advanced) so this should be respected, however I will jump from one class to the other according to my progress and ... well ... my moods. Now, I'm definitly not schizophrenic (or so I like to think ...) but it may looks like it sometimes ... so try to keep up while I switch left, right and center on a weekly basis :P

Before heading out, I'd like to point out Music of the Spheres, FlyingSinger's blog also Orbiter oriented but way more eclectic than mine. Bruce (a.k.a FlyingSinger) is also the author of "Go Play In Space" a very well done eBook for beginner Orbinaut, a must read just like his blog.

Oh .. and one more thing. You'll be thrilled (I'm sure) to know that I have started working on the first class post! It should be out in a few days (I hope) .... :)


Blogger FlyingSinger said...

Thanks for the nice plug for my blog!

By "class" do you mean a school class, or a catagory? I suppose if you are going to use your blog archives as a searchable resource in the future, labeling them like this could be useful. You could also just add a keywords line at the end of each post, something like:

Keywords: CSM, DSKY, Apollo

since I'm sure any tool you use to search in the future will have keyword capability. People would know to ignore keyword tags (or use them to search your blog).

Just some thoughts - it's your blog, so of course organize and label it however it makes sense and is useful to you!

But you wouldn't happen to be an engineer, would you? ;) It's OK, I am too.


7:27 PM  
Blogger DarthVader said...

hi Bruce,

Thanks for the suggestion on the keywords, it's a good one :)

Yeah, I mean "class" as in school. It sounds a bit cocky I agree ... but I was thinking that it was making sense as I had severals categories (Astronomy, Apollo ...).


PS: yep I'm a geeky engineer, you unmasked me ;-)

8:06 PM  

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