Saturday, November 19, 2005


It was 36 years ago today, that the Apollo 12's crew, composed of Pete Conrad (CDR) and Alan Bean (LMP), was landing their Lunar Module in the Ocean of Storms. The crew on this mission was kind of an oddball in comparison of the other crews, simply because the 3 of them (let's not forget the CMP, Richard Gordon) were best buddies, when most of the other crews had mixed level of friendship ... Even some tension at time like in the case of Apollo 11 crew. If you have some free time (lots of it) on your hand, I will suggest reading the Flight Journal and the Lunar Surface Journal for this particular mission. There is a wealth of information on both web sites, You won't regret the time spend on them :-) And you'll be able to see the various laughts and jokes exchanged by the crew and the Capcoms. A very pleasant read for sure. Also, don't miss the video of the landing (10mb), and its accompagning orientation document (terrific work by Gary Neff). Speaking of pleasant things, I'll be away from this blog for the next two weeks for some (well deserved) vacations! Whoopie! :)


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