Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The way of the hacker ...

I recently joined the NASSP team as an hacker rather than a developer. There is, in my mind, a rather large difference between the two labels. As my goal is to try to tackle a few things that may be considered as (minor) details by the main members of the team, I feel like I'm more into hacking around than actually developing parts of the project. Of course, this choice is due to the fact that I don't have the time to be more involved in that project. I must not forget that my main interest is spaceflight and Apollo stuff. Beside, I'm already writing software all day for living .. do I really want to write some more on my spare time? (been there, done that)

As one of my first hack, I have been looking at making the S-IVB stage used on the Saturn IB rocket to have it's Spacecraft-LM Adapter (SLA) panels open like they did on the real missions, instead of been jettisionned like it was done for the mission carrying a Lunar Module or the docking module for the ASTP mission:


Very minor detail some will say. But What can I said!? I'm that kind of guy that like to drown in futility ... Got no life? I think NOT.


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